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  • Our accommodation was very good. Hi Yelena, Our accommodation was very good. Great position - very central for us. Loved the area Thierry was a very nice person - very helpful. Would stay here again. Cheers, Ann

  • Thank you for your service in organising our Paris apartment. The location and quality was very good and I appreciated the friendly and helpful attitude of Elena at Glamour Apartments.

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There are many leased apartments in Paris accessible for students who study and businessmen working in the city. Flat rentals in Paris may not be unavailable for short- and long-term leases. Paying concern on those variables may enable you to choose whether to rent a furnished apartment or to lease an empty flat.
Around 45 million tourists from throughout the world see Paris to view culture and its beauty. Its visitors are always welcomed by this country by offering them the ideal locations for their requirements using its Luxury accommodations that are diverse including high-end rental Flats as well as Luxury resorts. While resorts are bad choice for everyone due to high rates, the apartments are comparatively affordable as well as economical with most of the facilities that are necessary. Here, it is possible to look forward with most advantageous services.
our companyapartments Company is keen towards making your stay in the beautiful city Paris really cozy and munificent offering a broad selection of furnished and completely equipped apartments in Paris. We provide you comprehensive information regarding urban areas Paris public transport, taxi, airport transfers, tourist sights, restaurants and many more. We are committed to obtain the flat of your dreams and also make your stay.
The thing is the fact that you need to plan everything in advance and think on the path, choose the areas you intend to lease an apartment in Paris, and in addition to see. Usually, you'll have several choices for lodging. You can reserve a hotel room or rent an apartment in the region, which would be attractive and the most convenient for you personally. Many travelers, who intend to go to the town of love, wonder which form is better to choose - a hotel room or an apartment.